• Seminar: Medicine & Religion in America

    Medicine & Religion in America: a seminar exploring interrelations of medicine and religion in American culture.

  • Service: Ruralution, Inc.

    Ruralution, Inc. provides mentoring services to young people across rural America.

  • Seminar: Landscapes of American Medicine

    Landscapes of American Medicine: a seminar investigating the spaces, places, & geographies of American medicine.

  • Research: Hygienic Individualism

    Hygienic Individualism: Explores the ways in which bacteria changed the American perception of individual space.


Matt 'Gunti' Gunterman (2013)

Matt ‘Gunti’ Gunterman (2013)

Matt Gunterman is a medical ethicist, historian, and doctoral candidate at Yale University.

His research has identified the development of ‘hygienic individualism,’ a spatial sense of individualism provoked by knowledge of pathogenic microorganisms.

He is especially interested in hygienic individualism’s influence on the practice of religion in the United States, the nation’s consumer culture, and the development of technologies of disposability.

His research also offers important insight into the social and institutional ramifications of a health-care future defined by increasing antimicrobial resistance.